Associations and a new species of the genus Apatidelia (Trichoptera, Apataniidae) from China

Jihua XU, Yue XIE, Beixin WANG & Chang-hai SUN

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2017 (333) - Pages 1-20 (EJT-333)

Published on 30 June 2017

Nine individuals of Apatidelia from Zhejiang Province, China were examined and their barcode sequences were generated and analyzed. A new species, A. morsei Xu & Sun sp. nov., is described and illustrated. The larva, male and female of A. acuminata Leng & Yang, 1998 and the male and female of A. morsei Xu & Sun sp. nov. are associated by mtCOI gene sequences. The male of A. acuminata Leng & Yang, 1998 is re-described and re-illustrated, and the female and the larva of the same species are also described and illustrated. Females and larvae of the genus are here reported for the first time.

Keywords :

Taxonomy, caddisflies, larval-adult association, DNA barcoding, China.

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