Taxonomic updates and descriptions of four new Lophopini planthopper species (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea, Lophopidae) from Yunnan province, South China

Menglin WANG, Adeline SOULIER-PERKINS, Yinglun WANG & Thierry BOURGOIN

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2016 (185) - Pages 1-25 (EJT-185)

Published on 30 March 2016

Taxonomic updates and descriptions of four new species from Yunnan, China are provided: three new species in the genus Pitambara Distant, 1906: P. triremiprocta Wang & Soulier-Perkins, sp. nov., P. impudica Wang & Bourgoin, sp. nov., P. tricorne Wang & Wang, sp. nov., and one new species in the genus Serida Walker, 1857: Serida parenthesisflexuosa Wang & Soulier-Perkins, sp. nov. A new identification key to Pitambara species is provided, as well as to the species of the genus Lacusa Stål, 1862. Lacusa yunnanensis Chou & Huang, 1985 stat. rev. is not considered as a synonym of the species L. fuscofasciata (Stål, 1854) anymore and Lacusa orientalis (Liang, 2000) is transferred to the genus Acothrura Melichar, 1915 as Acothrura orientalis (Liang, 2000) comb. nov.


Taxonomy, new taxa, Pitambara, Serida, Lacusa.

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