Taxonomic status of the family Biokoviellidae Mršić, 1992 (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida): reconsideration, with a description of one new species

Dragan Ž. ANTIĆ, Tvrtko DRAŽINA, Tonći RAĐA, Luka R. LUČIĆ & Slobodan E. MAKAROV

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2016 (205) - Pages 1-23 (EJT-205)

Published on 17 June 2016

A new troglobitic species of the previously monotypic genus Biokoviella Mršić, 1992, B. mosorensis Antić & Dražina sp. nov., is described from caves on Mt. Mosor, Croatia. In addition to this, B. mauriesi Mršić, 1992, is partially re-described, and the taxonomic status of the family Biokoviellidae is re-considered. The genus Biokoviella is placed in the subfamily Biokoviellinae Mršić, 1992 stat. nov. within the family Anthogonidae Ribaut, 1913. The relationship of the genus Biokoviella with other anthogonids is briefly discussed, and a distribution map of the genus is presented. Notes on ecology and coinhabitants of the genus Biokoviella, and new data on some Balkan anthogonids are also included in the paper.


Biokoviella, new species, caves, Croatia, Balkan Peninsula.

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