New species of Monepidosis Mamaev, 1966 and Antipodosis gen. nov., a closely related genus from New Zealand (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae)


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2016 (192) - Pages 1-24 (EJT-192)

Published on 26 April 2016

Three new species of Monepidosis Mamaev, 1966, a Holarctic genus of Porricondylinae (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae), are described: M. heterocera sp. nov. from Sweden and Germany, M. scepteroides sp. nov. from Sweden, and M. shikokuensis sp. nov. from Japan. A new porricondyline genus, Antipodosis gen. nov., is introduced for eight new species from New Zealand, named A. australis gen. et sp. nov., A. elongata gen. et sp. nov., A. granvillensis gen. et sp. nov., A. pureora gen. et sp. nov., A. rakiura gen. et sp. nov., A. rotoiti gen. et sp. nov., A. rotoroa gen. et sp. nov., and A. waipapa gen. et sp. nov. Male genitalic morphology indicates that Monepidosis and Antipodosis gen. nov. are closely related, together forming the Monepidosis group of genera, which stands out from the other Porricondylini. Monepidosis spatulata Spungis, 2006, a species originally described from Latvia and Lithuania, is for the first time reported to occur in Sweden.


Porricondylinae, Palearctic region, Australasian region, new genus, new species.

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