New leaf- and litter-dwelling species of the genus Pholcus from Southeast Asia (Araneae, Pholcidae)

Bernhard A. HUBER, Joseph K.H. KOH, Amir-Ridhwan M. GHAZALI, Kamil A. BRAIMA, Olga M. NUÑEZA, Charles LEH MOI UNG & Booppa PETCHARAD

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2016 (200) - Pages 1-45 (EJT-200)

Published on 26 May 2016

We describe eight new species of the genus Pholcus, and document their microhabitats. Four species are assigned to the previously described Pholcus ethagala group: P. tanahrata Huber sp. nov., P. uludong Huber sp. nov., and P. bukittimah Huber sp. nov. from the Malay Peninsula, and P. barisan Huber sp. nov. from Sumatra. These species are all litter-dwellers that build domed sheet webs on the undersides of large dead leaves on the ground. The other four species are assigned to newly created species groups: the P. tambunan group with two species from northern Borneo: P. tambunan Huber sp. nov. and P. bario Huber sp. nov.; and the P. domingo group with two species from the Philippines, Mindanao: P. domingo Huber sp. nov. and P. matutum Huber sp. nov. These latter four species are leaf-dwellers that build barely visible silk platforms tightly attached to the undersides of live leaves. The main rationale for this paper is to provide part of the taxonomic and natural history background for upcoming phylogenetic and evolutionary (microhabitat shifts) analyses.


Pholcus, Southeast Asia, taxonomy, microhabitat, ultrastructure.

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