A mountain of millipedes III: A new genus for three new species from the Udzungwa Mountains and surroundings, Tanzania, as well as several ‘orphaned’ species previously assigned to Odontopyge Brandt, 1841 (Diplopoda, Spirostreptida, Odontopygidae)


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2016 (177) - Pages 1-19 (EJT-177)

Published on 26 February 2016

The new genus Geotypodon gen. nov. is described. It includes two species from the Udzungwa Mountains: G. millemanus gen. et sp. nov. (type species) and G. submontanus gen. et sp. nov., one species from nearby Iringa: G. iringensis gen. et sp. nov., and 18 previously described species hitherto incorrectly assigned to Odontopyge Brandt, 1841.


Eastern Arc, taxonomy, new species.

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