First record of the genus Dinotrema Foerster, 1862 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Alysiinae) from the Neotropical region, with description of four new species and a key to the New World taxa


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2016 (179) - Pages 1-23 (EJT-179)

Published on 07 March 2016

The present work provides the first record of the genus Dinotrema Foerster, 1862 in the Neotropical region. Four new Neotropical species are described and illustrated: D. multiareolatum Peris-Felipo sp. nov., D. plaumanni Peris-Felipo sp. nov., D. subbidentatum Peris-Felipo sp. nov., and D. teutoniaense Peris-Felipo sp. nov. The following new combinations are suggested for Nearctic species: Dinotrema angusticornis (Fischer, 1969) comb. nov., D. armillariae (Fischer, 1969) comb. nov., D. bucculatricis (Fischer, 1969) comb. nov., D. caudatulum (Fischer, 1969) comb. nov., D. clayensis (Fischer, 1969) comb. nov., D. communis (Fischer, 1969) comb. nov., D. disstriae (Fischer,1969) comb. nov., D. pauperum (Fischer, 1969) comb. nov., D. saileri (Fischer, 1969) comb. nov., D. shannoni (Fischer, 1969) comb. nov. and D. sylvaticae (Fischer, 1969) comb. nov. An identification key of the all New World Dinotrema species is provided.


Braconidae, Alysiinae, Dinotrema, Nearctic region, Neotropical region.

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