Contribution to the Willowsia species having body scales of the long basal rib type: four new species and a redescription of W. qui (Collembola: Entomobryidae)

Zhixiang PAN & Feng ZHANG

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2016 (245) - Pages 1-25 (EJT-245)

Published on 21 November 2016

Four new species of the genus Willowsia Shoebotham, 1917 are described from China: W. fascia Zhang & Pan sp. nov., W. pseudoplatani Zhang & Pan sp. nov., W. pseudobuskii sp. nov., and W. similis sp. nov. Willowsia qui Zhang, Chen & Deharveng, 2011 is re-described based on types and fresh material. All five species possess the pointed body scales with basal ribs longer than distal ones. These scales are absent on antennae, legs, ventral tube and furca. Colour pattern and dorsal chaetotaxy are the main diagnostic characters for these species. DNA barcodes of four species are also provided, with genetic distances compared. A key to the Willowsia species having scales of the long basal rib type is given.


DNA barcodes, colour pattern, chaetotaxy, Entomobryinae, China.

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