Species of Wadicosa (Araneae, Lycosidae): transfer of two species from Pardosa and description of three new species from Africa


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2015 (132) - Pages 1-19 (EJT-132)

Published on 10 August 2015

Pardosa benadira Caporiacco, 1940 is redescribed, including the hitherto unknown female. The species is here transferred to the genus Wadicosa Zyuzin, 1985. Previously known only from its type locality in Somalia, additional localities for P. benadira in Somalia and Kenya are given. Male and female W. cognata sp. nov. (Kenya: Lake Magadi), male and female W. jocquei sp. nov. (Comoros Islands, Aldabra, Madagascar and Mauritius) and female W. russellsmithi sp. nov. (Mauritius) are described. Pardosa oncka Lawrence, 1927, widely distributed in Africa and redescribed by Kronestedt in 1987, is formally transferred to the genus Wadicosa and new records given.


Taxonomy, Pardosa, Afrotropical Region, Comoro Islands, Aldabra, Madagascar, Mauritius.

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