Redescription of some species of Bryozoa described by J. Jullien and L. Calvet in the NE Atlantic


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2015 (157) - Pages 1-17 (EJT-157)

Published on 30 November 2015

Five species described by Jullien and/or Calvet from the NE Atlantic are redescribed and stabilized by typification: Hippothoa amoena, Schizoporella confusa, S. jullieni, S. ovum and Smittia guernei. Three new synonymies are established: Schizoporella jullieni with Hippothoa amoena, S. ovum with Escharina alderi, and Escharella pseudopunctata with Smittia guernei. A new trypostegid genus, Pulpeirina gen. nov., is erected for H. amoena. Three new combinations are introduced.

Keywords :

Azores, Iberian Peninsula, Strait of Gibraltar, new genus, Trypostegidae.

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