Perotrochus caledonicus (Gastropoda: Pleurotomariidae) revisited: descriptions of new species from the South-West Pacific

Patrick ANSEEUW, Nicolas PUILLANDRE, José UTGE & Philippe BOUCHET

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2015 (134) - Pages 1-23 (EJT-134)

Published on 24 August 2015

Morphological (shell) and molecular examination of a large suite of specimens of pleurotomariids from around New Caledonia and the Coral Sea reveals the existence of four species in the complex of Perotrochus caledonicus: Perotrochus deforgesi Métivier, 1990 and P. pseudogranulosus sp. nov. live allopatrically on the plateaus and guyots of the Coral Sea; Perotrochus caledonicus Bouchet & Métivier, 1982 and Perotrochus wareni sp. nov. live sympatrically - but essentially not syntopically - on the slopes of New Caledonia, Norfolk Ridge and the Loyalty Ridge. All species live in the 300–500 m interval, and together form a significant component of the mollusc fauna living on hard bottoms in the SW Pacific, with individual dredge hauls containing up to 25 specimens of Perotrochus.


Perotrochus wareni sp. nov., Perotrochus pseudogranulosus sp. nov., Coral Sea, New Caledonia, COI Barcode gene.

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