A new genus for the Lesser Moorhen Gallinula angulata Sundevall, 1850 (Aves, Rallidae)

George SANGSTER, Juan Carlos GARCIA-R & Steven A. TREWICK

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2015 (153) - Pages 1-8 (EJT-153)

Published on 16 November 2015

Molecular phylogenetic analysis has demonstrated that the genus Gallinula is not monophyletic and comprises four major lineages. A review of the nomenclature of Gallinula shows that generic names are available for three lineages but that a fourth is as yet unnamed. A new monotypic genus, Paragallinula gen. nov., is described for Lesser Moorhen (Gallinula angulata Sundevall, 1850).


Gallinules, morphology, nomenclature, Paragallinula gen. nov., phylogenetics.

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