New and interesting Surirella taxa (Surirellaceae, Bacillariophyta) from the Congo Basin (DR Congo)

Christine COCQUYT & Jonathan C. TAYLOR

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2015 (133) - Pages 1-15 (EJT-133)

Published on 17 August 2015

Two new diatom taxa belonging to the genus Surirella, S. ebalensis and S. congolensis, are described from material of the Congo Basin, downstream Kisangani, DR Congo. The first taxon is a small, rather common species in the studied material; the second a somewhat larger diatom that was only sporadically observed. The morphology of both taxa is examined with light and scanning electron microscopy. The differences between the new and other closely related taxa such as S. agonaensis and S. bonsaensis, and S. takoradiensis, S. tenuissima and S. pseudotenuissima, respectively, are discussed.


Africa, diatoms, new species, Surirella.

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