Revision of Desmodorinae and Spiriniinae (Nematoda: Desmodoridae) with redescription of eight known species


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2014 (96) - Pages 1-32 (EJT-96)

Published on 15 September 2014

The taxonomy of the family Desmodoridae (Nematoda: Desmodorida) is partially revised based on morphology. The diagnoses of the Desmodoridae and the subfamilies Desmodorinae and Spiriniinae are emended to accommodate re-analyzed morphological features. Eight known species are redescribed and the implication of the new findings for the taxonomy of the group is discussed. Amphispira and Metadesmodora are confirmed as genera inquirendae. Alaimonema and Sigmophoranema, and their corresponding type species, are proposed as inquirendae due to poor descriptions of the type material. The other three species of Sigmophoranema are transferred to the genus Onyx because they bear the diagnostic features of this group: spear-like dorsal tooth and s-shape precloacal supplements. Echinodesmodora, Paradesmodora and Stygodesmodora are transferred to the Spiriniinae based on the absence of a head capsule and on the amphidial fovea being surrounded by cuticle striation. Paradesmodora toreutes is transferred to the genus Acanthopharyngoides as A. toreutes comb. nov. The genus Onepunema does not fit in the family Desmodoridae because of diorchic males; thus, it is regarded as taxon incertae sedis. Lists of valid genera for the two subfamilies are provided. A dichotomic key for the identification of the 14 genera within the Spiriinae is provided.


Taxonomy, systematic, revision, morphology, Cuba.

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