Parasitoid wasps new to Britain (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae, Eurytomidae, Braconidae & Bethylidae)

David G. NOTTON, Ovidiu A. POPOVICI, Cornelis VAN ACHTERBERG, Jeroen DE ROND & John T. BURN

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2014 (99) - Pages 1-20 (EJT-99)

Published on 15 October 2014

One genus and five species are recorded as new to Britain: Fidiobia, Fidiobia hispanica, Macroteleia bicolora (Platygastridae); Sycophila binotata (Eurytomidae); Schizoprymnus collaris (Braconidae); and Laelius pedatus (Bethylidae). Keys to British Macroteleia and Laelius are provided. Provisional synonymy is proposed between Macroteleia minor and M. brevigaster, and synonymy is proposed between Laelius femoralis, L. microneurus and L. nigricrus. The possible mode of introduction of Sycophila binotata is discussed. A lectotype is designated for Schizoprymnus collaris.


Conservation, identification keys, invasive species, lectotype designation, synonymy.

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