The millipede genus Solaenodolichopus Verhoeff, 1924 (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae). 1. New genus diagnosis and redescriptions of named species


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2014 (83) - Pages 1-36 (EJT-83)

Published on 15 May 2014

Solaenodolichopus Verhoeff, 1924 is redefined to include S. pruvoti (Brolemann, 1931), S. rubriventris Verhoeff, 1928, S. sulcatus (Verhoeff, 1928), S. teres (Verhoeff, 1924), S. vittatus (Verhoeff, 1924) and S. walesius Verhoeff, 1928, each of which is redescribed. Lectotypes are designated for S. sulcatus, S. teres, S. vittatus and S. walesius. Parwalesoma Verhoeff, 1937 is synonymised with Solaenodolichopus and S. vittatus dorsalis (Verhoeff, 1924) with S. vittatus vittatus (Verhoeff, 1924).


Millipede, Paradoxosomatidae, Queensland, New South Wales, Australia.

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