Mastigotragus, a new generic name for Mastigoteuthis pyrodes Young, 1972 (Cephalopoda: Mastigoteuthidae)

Richard E. YOUNG, Michael VECCHIONE & Heather E. BRAID

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2014 (105) - Pages 1-6 (EJT-105)

Published on 05 December 2014

A recent paper on the phylogenetic relationships of species within the cephalopod family Mastigoteuthidae made great progress in stabilizing the classification of the family. The authors, however, left the generic placement of Mastigoteuthis pyrodes unresolved. This problem is corrected here by placing this species in a new monotypic genus, Mastigotragus, based on unique structures of the photophores and the funnel/mantle locking apparatus.


Mastigoteuthidae, morphology, nomenclature, Mastigotragus gen. nov., deep-sea squid.

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