Taxonomic revision and phylogeny of the Ophiocoma brevipes group (Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea), with description of a new subgenus (Breviturma) and a new species

Sabine STÖHR, Emilie BOISSIN & Thierry B. HOAREAU

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2013 (68) - Pages 1-26 (EJT-68)

Published on 09 December 2013

The taxonomy of the genus Ophiocoma was last revised by Devaney in 1970. Recent discoveries of new species and re-instatement of previously synonymized names suggest that we still do not fully understand the species limits in this genus. A recent biodiversity survey of the SW Indian Ocean shallow reefs strongly suggested an unrecognised species in the genus, closely related to O. brevipes/O. dentata. This study examined both the molecular phylogenetic relationships and the morphological characteristics of several species in the genus in order to characterise the unrecognised species. The focal species clusters with O. brevipes, O. dentata, O. doederleini within a monophyletic clade supported by molecular data for the first time. The name Breviturma subgen. nov. is proposed for this clade, previously known as brevipes group. Type material of nominal species that have been synonymized with O. dentata was examined and re-assessed. Ophiocoma marmorata proved not conspecific with O. dentata. A rarely used character, dorsal disc granule density, was tested and showed differences between the examined species at similar sizes. In combination with colour pattern, disc granule density, arm spine sequence and maximum disc size, the new species was delimited morphologically and described as Ophiocoma krohi sp. nov.


Morphology, Ophiocoma krohi, Breviturma, mitochondrial DNA, cryptic biodiversity.

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