A review of the tribes of Deltocephalinae (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadellidae)

James N. ZAHNISER & Christopher H. DIETRICH

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2013 (45) - Pages 1-211 (EJT-45)

Published on 29 May 2013

The classification of the largest subfamily of leafhoppers, Deltocephalinae, including 38 tribes, 923 genera, and 6683 valid species, is reviewed and revised. An updated phylogeny of the subfamily based on molecular (28S, Histone H3) and morphological data and an expanded taxon sample (37 taxa not included in previous analyses) is presented. Based on the results of these analyses and on the morphological examination of many representatives of the subfamily, the classification of the tribes and subtribes of Deltocephalinae is revised. Complete morphological descriptions, illustrations, lists of the included genera, and notes on their distribution, ecology, and important vector species are provided for the 38 recognized tribes and 18 subtribes. A dichotomous key to the tribes is provided. All names in the taxonomic treatments are hyperlinked to online resources for individual taxa which are supported by a comprehensive database for Deltocephalinae compiled using the taxonomic database software package 3I. The online functionality includes an interactive key to tribes and subtribes and advanced database searching options. Each taxon (subspecies through subfamily) has a unique taxon webpage providing nomenclatural information, lists of included taxa, an automated description (if available), images (if available), distributional information, bibliographic references and links to outside resources. Some observations and trends regarding the history of taxonomic descriptions in Deltocephalinae are reported. Four new tribes are described: Bahitini tribe nov. (25 genera), Bonsapeiini tribe nov. (21 genera), Phlepsiini tribe nov. (4 genera), and Vartini tribe nov.(7 genera). The circumscription and morphological characterization of Scaphoideini Oman, 1943 (61 genera) is substantially revised. Eleven new species are described: Acostemma stilleri sp. nov., Arrugada linnavuorii sp. nov., Drabescus zhangi sp. nov., Parabolopona webbi sp. nov., Goniagnathus emeljanovi sp. nov., Hecalus hamiltoni sp. nov., Scaphoideus omani sp. nov., Dwightla delongi sp. nov., Abimwa knighti sp. nov., Gannia viraktamathi sp. nov., and Doratulina dmitrievi sp. nov. Some family-group level taxonomic changes are made: Platymetopiini Haupt, 1929, Anoterostemmini Haupt, 1929, and Allygidiina Dmitriev, 2006 are synonymized with Athysanini Van Duzee, 1892, syn. nov.; Procepitini Dmitriev, 2002 is synonymized with Cicadulini Van Duzee, 1892, syn. nov.; Listrophorini Boulard, 1971 is synonymized with Chiasmini Distant, 1908, syn. nov.; Adamini Linnavuori & Al-Ne’amy, 1983, Dwightlini McKamey, 2003, and Ianeirini Linnavuori, 1978 are synonymized with Selenocephalini Fieber, 1872 syn.nov., and all three are now recognized as valid subtribes in their parent tribe. New placements of many genera to tribe and subtribe are made, and these are described in individual taxon treatments.


Leafhopper, classification, taxonomy; phylogeny, database, interactive key, cybertaxonomy.

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