Characterization of Iberian species of the genus Pungentus Thorne & Swanger, 1936 (Nematoda, Dorylaimida, Nordiidae)


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2013 (52) - Pages 1-17 (EJT-52)

Published on 05 August 2013

Several populations of four known species of the genus Pungentus (P. clavatus, P. engadinensis, P. marietani and P. silvestris), collected in the wild and in cultivated soils from the Iberian Peninsula, are studied. Detailed redescriptions and morphometrics are presented for each species. Illustrations are provided, including line drawings, light microscopy pictures of the four species as well as scanning electron microscopy observations of P. engadinensis. The Iberian populations are compared to type and other known populations, and new data are given that provide a better characterization of these taxa. Pungentus engadinensis is the most widely distributed species in the Iberian Peninsula.

Keywords :

Free-living nematodes, Iberian Peninsula, morphology, Pungentus, taxonomy.

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