Three new species of Dolichoiulus millipedes from the underground of Gran Canaria, with notes on the circumscription of the genus (Diplopoda, Julida, Julidae)


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2012 (15) - Pages 1-12 (EJT-15)

Published on 24 May 2012

Dolichoiulus typhlocanaria sp. nov., D. oromii sp. nov. and D. longunguis sp. nov. are described from caves and the mesovoid shallow stratum (MSS) on Gran Canaria. The genus Anagaiulus Enghoff, 1992 is synonymized under Dolichoiulus Verhoeff, 1900, resulting in Dolichoiulus blancatypa (Enghoff, 1992) comb nov.


Millipede, Canary Islands, new species, cave, Gran Canaria.

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