Scolopendrellidae (Myriapoda, Symphyla) from the Afrotropics with descriptions of seven new species


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2012 (32) - Pages 1-28 (EJT-32)

Published on 13 December 2012

Among the Scolopendrellidae belonging to the collection of Symphyla of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren, Belgium), ten species were found and seven new species are described: Symphylella erecta sp. nov., S. fuko sp. nov., S. kalundu sp. nov., S. lubumbashi sp. nov., S. malagassa sp. nov., S. tanganyika sp. nov. and Remysymphyla spinosa sp. nov. SEM micrographs and additional information of the new species and also of Remysymphyla hova Aubry & Masson, 1952, Ribautiella zagnanadina Brölemann, 1926 and R. schoutedeni Hinschberger, 1954 are provided, which contributes to an easier determination of the afrotropical scolopendrellid species. The diagnosis of the genus Remysymphyla is discussed.


Symphyla, Afrotropics, Scolopendrellidae, Remysymphyla, Symphylella.

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