Review of Neurepyris Kieffer, 1905 (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae), a new synonym of Pristocera Klug, 1808

Isabel D. C. C. ALENCAR & Celso O. AZEVEDO

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2011 (4) - Pages 1-12 (EJT-4)

Published on 28 December 2011

The genus Neurepyris Kieffer, 1905 is revised. The adult male holotypes N. rufiventer Kieffer, 1913 from Eritrea and N. tagala (Ashmead, 1905) from the Philippines are redescribed and illustrated. Both species are transferred from the subfamily Epyrinae to Pristocerinae because they have the metanotum well developed medially. Neurepyris rufiventer is transferred to Pristocera Klug, 1808 because the hypopygium is deeply divided into two apical lobes, the subdiscoidal and cubital veins do not reach the border of the forewing, the pronotal disc has the anterior region slightly elevate medially, and the stigma is elongate. Neurepyris tagala is transferred to Apenesia Westwood, 1874 because the basal tooth of mandible is not curved inward, the median lobe of clypeus is not depressed near the antennal insertions, and the aedeagus consists of one lamina. The genus Neurepyris is considered a junior synonym of Pristocera because its type species is N. rufiventer.


Epyrinae, Pristocerinae, Apenesia, Afrotropical region, Oriental region.

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