Fossil wood of Eristophyton sp. from the Carboniferous deposits of northern Russia (Arkhangelsk region)


en Comptes Rendus Palevol 9 (1-2) - Pages 13-21

Published on 31 March 2010

Permineralised wood of Eristophyton sp. is first described from the Carboniferous deposits of the Arkhangelsk region, northern Russia. The specimens used in the study show scalariform thickening of the metaxylem tracheids both on radial and tangential walls. Eristophyton sp. indicates well preserved elements of secondary xylem: uni-, rarely biseriate xylem rays up to 15–16 cells high; uni-, multiseriate tracheid pitting only on radial walls; 1–8 contiguous cross-field pits and their inclined narrow apertures. A brief review and comparison with known anatomically preserved plants from the Lower Carboniferous of different localities of Scotland, France, USA and Poland is discussed.


Fossil wood, Carboniferous, Scalariform thickening of the metaxylem tracheids, Secondary xylem, Xylem rays, Tracheid pitting, Northern Russia

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