A new aspidorhynchid fish (Teleostei: Aspidorhynchiformes) from the Upper Jurassic of Ettling, Solnhofen, Bavaria, Germany

Paulo Marques Machado BRITO & Martin EBERT

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 8 (4) - Pages 395-402

Published on 30 June 2009

A new species of Aspidorhynchidae is described for the first time from the Late Jurassic of Ettling, some 50 km E-SE of Solnhofen, Bavaria, Germany. This new material is attributed to a new species, Aspidorhynchus sanzenbacheri, and is diagnosed by the abbreviated premaxillae, the form and disposition of teeth in the predentary, and the number of principal rays in the caudal fin.


Neopterygii, Aspidorhynchidae, Jurassic, Bavaria, Germany

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