New fossil arthropods (Notostraca and Insecta: Syntonopterida) in the Continental Middle Permian of Provence (Bas-Argens Basin, France)

Romain GARROUSTE, André NEL & Georges GAND

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 8 (1) - Pages 49-57

Published on 28 February 2009

Apart frequent and relatively common ichnites, only a few body fossils (Ostracoda) have been mentioned in the Red Continental Permian formations of Provence till these last years. During 2006 and 2007 field researches, new arthropods have been discovered in the Pradineaux Formation of the Bas-Argens. They are Triopsidae (Crustacea, Notostraca) and an insect wing (Syntonopteridae) corresponding to a new genus and species Gallolithoneura butchlii gen. et sp. n. This latter is the first insect record in the Permian of Provence and the youngest one of this enigmatic Carboniferous paleopteran family. As in the other French Permian basins (Lodève, Saint-Affrique), these discoveries demonstrate that the Permian Provençal paleofauna was rich and diverse. For the Upper part of the Pradineaux Formation, Capitanian (Upper Guadalupian) in age, the Triopsidae mean the presence of periodical ponds settled in a playa environment evolving under a xerophytic climate. Gallolithoneura butchlii suggests also the presence of aquatic habitats.


Arthropoda, Notostraca, Insecta, Syntonopterida, Middle Permian, Var, France

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