Comportements alimentaires, aspects biologiques et sociaux au Néolithique : le cas du Crès (Hérault, France)

Gwenaëlle LE BRAS-GOUDE, Aurore SCHMITT & Gilles LOISON

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 8 (1) - Pages 79-91

Published on 28 February 2009

Dietary behaviour, biological and social aspects during the Neolithic period: The study of the “Le Crès” (Hérault, France) settlement

The aim of this article is to present an anthropological and stable isotope study (carbon and nitrogen) of 49 individuals from the Middle Neolithic population of Le Crès (Béziers, Hérault, France). The age, sex, stature and dental health were compared to the isotopic results to determine the possible relationship between diet and social behaviours. Results show no links between these parameters and the recorded isotopic variability. The study of the dental health shows a high level of attrition, related to the diet and a feminine tendency for caries.


Neolithic, Chasséen , Languedoc, Anthropometry, Stable isotope, Foodstuff, Dental attrition, Caries

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