Tooth morphology of Notosuchus terrestris (Notosuchia: Mesoeucrocodylia): New evidence and implications

Agustina LECUONA & Diego POL

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 7 (7) - Pages 407-417

Published on 31 October 2008

Notosuchia is a large and diverse group of Crocodyliforms, characterized, among other features, by a heterodont dentition. New information on the tooth anatomy of Notosuchus terrestris is presented, based on well-preserved specimens from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia (southern Argentina). This allows a complete characterization of its dental anatomy (composed by incisiviform, caniniform, and molariform teeth) that includes autapomorphic features and derived features shared with Sphagesaurus and Mariliasuchus. This includes the extensive wear facets in molariforms, indicative of tooth–tooth occlusion and a sharp keel that bears rounded denticles. Notosuchus also shares with Mariliasuchus the presence of a tooth with a transitional morphology located at the premaxilla–maxilla contact and the absence of interalveolar septa in the entire premaxillary and maxillary dentition.


Teeth, Notosuchus , Notosuchia, Heterodoncy, Wear facets, Denticles

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