A new Miocene fauna of snakes from eastern Siberia, Russia.

Jean-Claude RAGE & Igor G. DANILOV

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 7 (6) - Pages 383-390

Published on 31 August 2008

Togay, a locality from Ol’khon Island, Baykal Lake, Russia, has yielded a fauna of snakes of Late Middle or early Late Miocene age. It is located in a broad area from which no Neogene snake has been reported; therefore, it represents an important landmark. The fauna includes a non-erycine boid, two or three colubrids, a viperid of the ‘oriental complex’ of Vipera, and perhaps another viperid. This assemblage is astonishingly reminiscent of the snake faunas from the late Early and early Middle Miocene from western and central Europe, it being understood that Miocene faunas are practically unknown in the geographically intermediary area. It may be entertained whether a homogenous snake fauna inhabited Eurasia (except the southern part of the continent) during the Miocene.


Snakes, Miocene, Boidae, Colubridae, Viperidae, Eastern Russia, Palaeobiogeography

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