A new baurusuchid crocodyliform (Archosauria) from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia (Argentina)

Agustín G. MARTINELLI & Diego F. PAIS

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 7 (6) - Pages 371-381

Published on 31 August 2008

A new baurusuchid, Wargosuchus australis gen. et sp. nov., coming from the Bajo de La Carpa Formation, Neuquén Province (Argentina), is described. This new taxon is based on a fragment of snout and a portion of the cranial roof. Wargosuchus differs from other crocodyliforms by possessing a deep median groove on the frontals, a contact between nasals and frontals extremely reduced, a large depression for the olfactory bulbs, three large foramina surrounding the large, smooth perinarial depression, and a hypertrophied, conical last premaxillary tooth followed by a large paracanine fossa. The finding of Wargosuchus in Patagonia (Argentina), a taxon with a strong resemblance to Brazilian baurusuchids, reinforces the hypothesis of a similar biota between both regions by the Late Cretaceous. Wargosuchus and Cynodontosuchus represent the only Argentinian mesoeucrocodylians to be included within Baurusuchidae. This finding extends the number of crocodyliforms from the Bajo de la Carpa Formation, which, in turn, corresponds to the most taxonomically diverse one in Argentina.


Late Cretaceous, Mesoeucrocodylia, Baurusuchids, Argentina

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