New Late Cretaceous dinosaur findings from northwestern Transylvania (Romania)

Vlad Aurel CODREA & Pascal GODEFROIT

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 7 (5) - Pages 289-295

Published on 31 July 2008

In 1905, Nopcsa tentatively identified a fragmentary rib from the Jibou Formation at Someş Odorhei as belonging to an ornithopod dinosaur. Therefore, he concluded that the base of this formation is Late Cretaceous, but this hypothesis was subsequently ignored or rejected by other authors. New dinosaur bones discovered in this locality by new excavations are here interpreted as belonging to the euornithopod Zalmoxes shqiperorum Weishampel, Jianu, Csiki and Norman, 2003. The base of the Jibou Formation can therefore be regarded as Maastrichtian, correlative to the Sânpetru Formation and to the middle member of the Densuş Ciula Formation from the Haţeg Basin, as well as the base of the Şard Formation in the southwestern Basin of Transylvania, in the Alba Iulia area. The presence of Zalmoxes at Someş Odorhei also confirms the northeastern extension for the ‘Haţeg Island’ in Transylvania.


Romania, Transylvania, Late Cretaceous, Jibou Formation, Zalmoxes

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