Middle Albian gymnosperms from the Río Martín Valley (Teruel, Spain)

Luis Miguel SENDER, José Bienvenido DIEZ, Denise PONS, Uxue VILLANUEVA-AMADOZ & Javier FERRER

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 7 (1) - Pages 37-49

Published on 29 February 2008

The fossil-rich site within the Albian Escucha Formation in the Oliete Sub-basin, located in the Northeast of Spain, has provided a great abundance of impressions, including leave remains and seed cones of Coniferales (Sphenolepis kurriana, Sphenolepis sternbergiana, Elatides curvifolia, Brachyphyllum sp. and Geinitzia sp. cf. G. rigida), leaves of Caytoniales (Sagenopteris elliptica), Ginkgoales (Ginkgoites pluripartita, and Sphenobaiera sp. cf. S. longifolia), Bennettitales (Ptilophyllum sp. cf. P. pecten and aff. Zamites sp.), Cycadales (Nilssonia tenuinervis and Ctenozamites with entire and denticulate pinnae margins), Czekanowskiales, and reproductive structures of Gnetales. The gymnosperm remains are fairly abundant in the upper member, built up of sediments deposited in fluvial and swamp environments without marine influence. The different gymnosperm associations in this outcrop indicate a wide variety of environments in a subtropical climate, and a mixture of North American and European taxa in the Iberian plate during the Middle Albian.


Gymnosperms, Middle Albian, Escucha Formation, Spain, Potomac Group, Euro-Sinian and Siberian-Canadian Provinces

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