Nouveaux sites à vertébrés paléogènes dans la région des Gour Lazib (Sahara nord-occidental, Algérie)

Mohammed ADACI, Rodolphe TABUCE, Fateh MEBROUK, Mustapha BENSALAH, Pierre-Henri FABRE, Lionel HAUTIER, Jean-Jacques JAEGER, Vincent LAZZARI, Mohammed MAHBOUBI, Laurent MARIVAUX, Olga OTERO, Stéphane PEIGNÉ & Haiyan TONG

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 6 (8) - Pages 535-544

Published on 31 December 2007

New Palaeogene vertebrate sites from the Gour Lazib area (northwestern Sahara, Algeria)

Recent fieldworks in the Palaeogene of the Gour Lazib area (Hammada du Dra, Algeria) led us to reassess the stratigraphic allocations of the Glib Zegdou formation and to complement the lithostratigraphy of this formation. This continental series unconformably overlies a Palaeozoic substratum. The prospecting–exploration works in the middle member of the formation allowed us to discover several new vertebrate sites (with lungfish, actinopterygians, chelonians, and notably mammals), associated with Early to Middle Eocene charophyte oogones. We describe a hyracoid (Titanohyrax tantulus) and a macroscelidid (?Chambius sp.). We here also report the discovery of two rich mammalian sites.


Algeria, Continental Eocene, Vertebrates, Mammalia

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