Révision d’Oryctolagus lacosti (Lagomorpha, Mammalia) du Pliocène supérieur de Perrier (Auvergne, France)

Roger DE MARFÀ & Pierre MEIN

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 6 (5) - Pages 327-334

Published on 31 August 2007

Revision of Oryctolagus lacosti (Lagomorpha, Mammalia) from the Upper Pliocene of Perrier (Auvergne, France)

Fossil leporids from the Upper Pliocene of the locality of Perrier-Étouaires (Auvergne, France) are here revisited. They were initially attributed to Lepus lacosti by Pomel (1853), and later to the genus Oryctolagus. This material had been neither accurately described nor figured until now. Thus, a lectotype and two paralectotypes have been chosen among the material of the original collection. The diagnostic character of Oryctolagus lacosti is its big size, similar to that of modern hares (Lepus), together with other morphological characters that fit in the variability range of European rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus). Fossils of leporids similar to those of Perrier have also been found in several Plio-Pleistocene localities from western Europe.


France, Perrier, Upper Pliocene, Lagomorpha, Systematics

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