Dynamique holocène de la végétation et occupation des Pyrénées andorranes depuis le Néolithique ancien, d’après l’analyse pollinique de la tourbière de Bosc dels Estanyons (2180 m, Vall del Madriu, Andorre)

Yannick MIRAS, Ana EJARQUE, Santiago RIERA, Josep Maria PALET, Hector ORENGO & Itxaso EUBA

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 6 (4) - Pages 291-300

Published on 31 May 2007

Holocene vegetation changes and land-use history in the Andorran Pyrenees since the Early Neolithic: The pollen record of Bosc dels Estanyons (2180 m a.s.l., Vall del Madriu, Andorra)

The pollen analysis of a new sedimentary sequence performed at the Bosc dels Estanyons peat bog (2180 m a.s.l., Eastern Pyrenees, Andorra) is presented. Seven radiocarbon measurements and complementary macro-charcoal, stomata, and pollen influx analyses are employed to illustrate the dynamics of high-mountain vegetal communities since the end of the Late Glacial period. This high-resolution pollen analysis outlines the evolution of human activities since the Mesolithic–Early Neolithic transition for the first time in this area.


Pollen analysis, Human impact, Holocene, Neolithic, Andorra, Pyrenees

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