Les assemblages fauniques associés aux sites à Homo erectus du dôme de Sangiran (Pléistocène moyen, Java, Indonésie)

Anne BOUTEAUX, Anne-Marie MOIGNE, François SÉMAH & Teuku JACOB

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 6 (3) - Pages 169-179

Published on 31 March 2007

The faunal assemblages associated with Homo erectus sites in the Sangiran dome (Middle Pleistocene, Java, Indonesia)

In the Sangiran dome (Central Java), Homo erectus and mammal fossils in fluviatile context are found in several open-air localities: Tanjung, Sendang Busik, Ngrejeng Plupuh, Grogol Plupuh, and Bukuran. Thirteen taxa of Middle Pleistocene mammals were determined. Lithic tools are rare at these sites. The origin and setting up of these mainly unpublished faunal assemblages are approached by means of methods usually applied to European and African sites in order to understand better the link between humans and animals. The mechanical action of water is responsible for these accumulations and its chemical action for their evolution.


Java, Pleistocene, Sangiran dome, Homo erectus, fauna, biostratigraphy, taphonomy

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