New homoiopterids from the Late Carboniferous of England (Insecta: Palaeodictyoptera)

Jakub PROKOP, Ru SMITH, Edmund Aleksander JARZEMBOWSKI & André NEL

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 5 (7) - Pages 867-873

Published on 31 October 2006

A new palaeodictyopteran, Anglopterum magnificum gen. et sp. n., is described from concretions of Late Carboniferous (Langsettian) in the Lancashire County (UK). The new genus, based on the hind-wing venation, is attributed to Homoiopteridae and compared with other homoiopterid genera. A previously figured homoiopterid from Late Carboniferous (Upper Asturian) roof shales in Somerset (UK) is bearing venation pattern of anal area similar to Mazonopterum wolfforum Kukalová-Peck and Richardson, 1983. These are the first formally described species of Homoiopteridae from the British Isles. Furthermore, their similarity in venation pattern to Mazonopterum wolfforum Kukalová-Peck and Richardson, 1983 from Mazon Creek (USA) provides evidence for a Euramerican connection during the Late Carboniferous.


Palaeodictyoptera, Homoiopteridae, Taxonomy, Palaeogeography, Late Carboniferous, Pennine and Radstock basins, UK

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