Vertébrés de l'Oligocène terminal (MP30) et du Miocène basal (MN1) du métro de Toulouse (Sud-Ouest de la France)

Pierre-Olivier ANTOINE, Francis DURANTHON, Sophie HERVET & Guillaume FLEURY

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 5 (7) - Pages 875-884

Published on 31 October 2006

Latest Oligocene (MP30) and Earliest Miocene (MN1) vertebrates from the Toulouse subway (SW France)

The excavation for the line B of the Toulouse subway led in 2002–2003 to the discovery of various vertebrates, including the rhinocerotids Diaceratherium lemanense, Mesaceratherium paulhiacense, and Protaceratherium cf. minutum, an unidentified schizotheriine chalicotheriid, the artiodactyl Cainotherium sp., the theridomyid rodent Issiodoromys bransatensis, the testudinid tortoise ‘Ergilemysbruneti, and the small alligatoroid Diplocynodon sp. These first in situ diversified faunas of Toulouse confirm the Latest Oligocene (MP30) to Earliest Miocene age (MN1) of the micaceous sands interbedded with marl banks of the Toulouse underground. The fauna indicates the occurrence of various environments, ranging from forests to open habitats, nearby steady rivers for the concerned period and area.


Latest Oligocene, Early Miocene, Vertebrates, Perissodactyls, Rodent, Toulouse, Aquitaine Basin, France

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