Documents originaux inédits de Jean-Baptiste Noulet (1802–1890) relatifs au site archéologique de l'Infernet (commune de Clermont-le-Fort, Haute-Garonne, France)


fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 5 (5) - Pages 757-766

Published on 31 July 2006

Original unpublished documents from Jean-Baptiste Noulet (1802–1890) related to the archaeological site of the Infernet (Commune de Clermont-le-Fort, Haute-Garonne, France).

In 1851, J.-B. Noulet, a doctor, naturalist and philologist from Toulouse, discovered at Clermont-le-Fort (Haute-Garonne), in the named place l'Infernet, a quarry with both Pleistocene faunas and lithic artefacts. First presented in 1853, on the 3 rd February meeting of the ‘Académie des sciences de Toulouse’, this discovery was only published in 1860, depriving Noulet of more reputation. As those who followed, this publication had no illustration locating the quarry. It was however rediscovered and exploited in 1955–1956. In Noulet's personal papers, offered by Louis Mengaud to Toulouse University Geological Laboratory library, we discovered, drawn by Noulet himself, a map and a cross section of Infernet quarry. These documents are presented in this note, 150 years after Noulet's discovery.


Pleistocene, Infernet, Noulet, unpublished documents

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