Un nouveau gisement paléontologique à Capra caucasica praepyrenaica : la grotte de l'Arche à Bugarach (Aude, France)

Florent RIVALS & Agnès TESTU

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 5 (5) - Pages 711-719

Published on 31 July 2006

A new palaeontological locality with Capra caucasica praepyrenaica: The Arche cave at Bugarach (Aude, France).

The Arche cave is a new palaeontological locality situated in the Corbières (southern France). This cave has yielded an abundant and well-preserved large mammal fauna. A first palaeontological description of the remains from surface excavation is provided. According to biochronological data, the site is dated from MIS 5 to MIS 4 and contains very uncommon species of wild goat, Capra caucasica praepyrenaica, in the eastern part of the Pyrenees.


Arche cave, Aude, Capra caucasica praepyrenaica, Late Pleistocene, France

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