Révision du sexe et de l'âge au décès des fossiles de Cro-Magnon (Dordogne, France) à partir de l'os coxal

Dominique GAMBIER, Jaroslav BRUZEK, Aurore SCHMITT, Francis HOUËT & Pascal MURAIL

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 5 (5) - Pages 735-741

Published on 31 July 2006

Age at death and sex diagnosis of the Cro-Magnon fossils (Dordogne, France) based on the pelvic bone

This paper concerns the sex and age at death estimation of the Gravettian skeletons from Cro-Magnon site (Dordogne, France). Methods based on pelvic bone and probabilistic approach have been used. These methods have been tested elsewhere and provide a high accuracy level for sex and age determination. This analysis shows without ambiguity that two adults are male (hip bone 4315, 4315–4318), one is a female (pelvic bone 4316). The sex diagnosis of the last (pelvic bone 4317) is indeterminate. As the adult female is aged (more 50 years), she cannot be the mother of the newborn identified in the burial place.


Sex diagnosis, Age at death assessment, Pelvic bone, Homo sapiens sapiens, Gravettian, Cro-Magnon, France

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