Fonction biomécanique des microstructures osseuses chez les oiseaux


fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 5 (3-4) - Pages 619-628

Published on 30 April 2006

This article is a part of the thematic issue One hundred years after Marey: some aspects of Functional Morphology today

Biomechanical function of bone microstructure in birds

Here I present a short synthesis of recent studies on microscopic bone structure in extant birds. Using a statistical comparative approach, it has been shown that some bone tissue types observed may result from an optimisation of skeletal resistance to determinate mechanical loading, e.g. torsion occurring during flight. These new adaptive relationships between bone microstructure and the biomechanical function of the skeleton point toward unseen palaeobiological investigations of flight and its origin in vertebrates, through fossilized microstructure.


Bone tissue, Biomechanics, Torsion, Animal flight, Aves, Palaeohistology

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