Hyaenictitherium minimum, a new ictithere (Mammalia, Carnivora, Hyaenidae) from the Late Miocene of Toros-Menalla, Chad

Louis de BONIS, Stéphane PEIGNÉ, Andossa LIKIUS, Mackaye HASSANE TAÏSSO, Patrick VIGNAUD & Michel BRUNET

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 4 (8) - Pages 671-679

Published on 31 December 2005

A new species of Hyaenidae, Hyaenictitherium minimum, is described in the carnivore fauna of the Late Miocene layers of Toros-Menalla (Chad). Its size is similar to that of a jackal and it had probably a similar ecological niche. It is found in several fossil-bearing localities of this area. The genus Hyaenictitherium is known from the early Late Miocene in Eurasia from China to Spain; the Chadian material is, perhaps with some specimens from Sahabi and Lothagam, the earliest occurrence of the genus in Africa. It results certainly from Eurasian migration, which will have to be taken into account for the analysis of the bulk of the fauna.


Chad, Toros-Menalla, Late Miocene, Hyaenidae, Hyaenictitherium

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