Sur un manuscrit inédit de Jacques-François Borda d'Oro (1718-1804) : contribution d'un amateur de géologie des environs de Dax (Landes)

Gilles Serge ODIN

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 4 (5) - Pages 436-451

Published on 31 August 2005

On an unpublished manuscript by Jacques-François Borda d'Oro (1718-1804): contribution of an amateur of geology from near Dax (Landes)

Jacques-François Borda d'Oro collected rocks and fossils in the area around Dax (Landes, France) between 1730 and 1800. From 1753 to 1803, he made known his collection to the scholars and significantly contributed to their information, allowing them to document the principles of palaeontology. Between 1784 and 1793, he wrote a catalogue describing his collection. Doing this, he studied and reported his observations on the exploitation and the use of rocks. He compared fossils to contemporaneous livings and perceived climatic changes. The manuscript of this catalogue is unpublished.


Manuscript, 18th century, Borda, geological collection, regional geology, Dax, France

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