Des restes humains datés du début de la période de Mangaasi (2400–1800 BP) découverts à Mangaliliu (Efate, Vanuatu)

Frédérique VALENTIN, Richard SHING & Matthew SPRIGGS

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 4 (5) - Pages 420-427

Published on 31 August 2005

Human remains of Early Mangaasi age (2400–1800 BP) from Mangaliliu (Efate, Vanuatu)

The human remains recovered from excavation in the Mangaliliu village (North Efate, Vanuatu) and dated between 2400 and 1800 BP (Early Mangaasi), are that of a 25–35 years old female displaying a poor oral-dental health. The skull, bordering on dolichocrany, is high. The face is projecting (alveolar parts of the maxilla and mandible) and displays a bilateral hypoplasia of the zygomatic bones and abnormal left zygomatico-zygomatic synarthrosis. The post-cranial bones are slender and the stature is estimated to be around 165.5 cm. These skeletal remains display similarities with contemporaneous individuals from Tonga, Fiji and New Caledonia, and especially with the female from Koné (New Caledonia).


Palaeoanthropology, Vanuatu, Lapita, Pacific, Human remains

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