A new Chalicothere from the Pondaung Formation (late Middle Eocene of Myanmar)

Jean A. REMY, Jean-Jacques JAEGER, Yaowalak CHAIMANEE, Aung Naing SOE, Laurent MARIVAUX, Jean SUDRE, Soe Thura TUN, Bernard MARANDAT & Erika DEWAELE

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 4 (4) - Pages 341-349

Published on 30 June 2005

The 2002 field work campaign of the joint Myanmar–French Expedition has resulted in the discovery of new material particularly in the Bahin area (Pondaung Formation, Middle–Upper Eocene, Myanmar). The Nyaung Pin Le outcrop has yielded, among other fossil mammals, a maxillary of a primitive chalicothere, the first ever discovered in the southeastern Asia Palaeogene, which is assigned to the Eomoropidae, Eomoropus pawnyunti nov. sp. This form is distinguished from the other representatives of the family by its small size, its brachyodonty and the few derived shape of the molar ectolophs, nevertheless provided with low mesostyles.


Perissodactyla, Chalicotherioidea, Eomoropidae, Pondaung Formation, late Middle Eocene, Myanmar

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