Palynological dating of the Alturaia Arkose (Balagne, northern Corsica): geological implications

Michele MARRONI, Luca PANDOLFI & Cristiana RIBECAI

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 3 (8) - Pages 643-651

Published on 31 December 2004

In Alpine Corsica, the Balagne Nappe displays the best-developed sedimentary succession associated with an ophiolite sequence. This sedimentary succession includes the Alturaia Arkose, whose age is still unknown. Several shale horizons cropping out in the Cima di Alturaia area were studied for palynological analyses. In this paper, a new palaeontological find in the Alturaia Arkose is reported and the related geological implications are discussed. The collected data indicate the occurrence of a palynological assemblage of Late Barremian to Middle Aptian age. The Alturaia Arkose can be regarded as a clastic deposit of Late Barremian–Middle Aptian age derived from rocks cropping out in Hercynian Corsica.


Inertinite, Dynocysts, Alpine Corsica, Nalagne Nappe, France

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