A new species of Anthracotheriidae, Merycopotamus medioximus nov. sp. from the Late Miocene of the Potwar Plateau, Pakistan

Fabrice LIHOREAU, John C. BARRY, Cécile BLONDEL & Michel BRUNET

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 3 (8) - Pages 653-662

Published on 31 December 2004

New anthracotheriid remains, discovered by the H-GSP in well-dated localities from the Potwar plateau in the North of Pakistan, between 10.4 and 8.6 Ma, are described and attributed to Merycopotamus medioximus nov. sp. This new species displays an intermediate morphology between the older M. pusillus and the more recent M. dissimilis. These results permit to emend the Merycopotamus diagnosis.


Anthracotheriidae, Merycopotamus , Late Miocene, Pakistan

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