A new genus of ‘Ptychogasteridae’ (Chelonii, Testudinoidea) from the Geiseltal (Lutetian of Germany)


en Comptes Rendus Palevol 3 (2) - Pages 125-132

Published on 31 March 2004

Among the fossil turtles from of the Lutetian locality of Geiseltal (Germany), a new taxon of freshwater Testudinoidea is described. This taxon belongs to the ‘Ptychogasteridae’ group, which is diagnosed here. It is a primitive taxon, allowing the polarization of the characters of this group. A hypothesis of relationships between European and North American forms in the ‘Ptychogasteridae’ group is proposed.


Chelonians, Germany, Geiseltal, Lutetian, Testudinoidea

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