Validation of a prematurely abolished new Propotamochoerus Pilgrim, 1925 species (Mammalia, Suidae) from SE Mediterranean

Georgios LAZARIDIS, Evangelia TSOUKALA & Dimitris S. KOSTOPOULOS

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 21 (26) - Pages 531-549

Published on 05 August 2022

Fossil remains of late Miocene Propotamochoerus Pilgrim, 1925 from several sites of SE Europe are part of a long-lasting discussion. The sparsely known material, usually toothrows, does not fit well with any known Propotamochoerus species and therefore local peri-Balkan samples have been referred to different species. Based on a fairly complete cranium and a mandible from the Turolian fauna of Kryopigi (Northern Greece), and combined with other Balkan evidence, we propose that this Eastern Mediterranean taxon represents a new species. Propotamochoerus aegaeus n. sp. is characterized by moderate cranial and dental size, widely separated temporal lines, long zygomatic arches, elongated upper incisors and diastemata in each side of the first upper premolar; relatively small male lower canines, broad upper and lower third premolars and short lower fourth premolar, and a small hexaconid on the talonid of the lower third molar. A thorough morphological and metric analysis contradicts recent views of the taxon as invalid and provides new evidence on the late Miocene diversity and distribution of the genus.


Turolian, Greece, Suidae, Propotamochoerus, Mediterranean, late Miocene, new species

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